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A letter arrives from Water deep Addresses to Gunter Le Genpenu

Dear Sir,

I write to you as one of the Harpers of the great town of Waterdeep. You do not know me but I Know you, or rather I knew your Grandparents in times gone by. Grendel & Maranka Genpenu of Thundertrees were a brave warrior couple who fought all over the forgotten realms and made a name for themselves in Waterdeep when they helped the Harpers free one of our number. The Chieftain Kennelthane was trapped in Under mountain, there he was being held by a band of Maurding brigands. They fought off Orcs, ruffians and a beholder to free our great leader and for this the Harpers were eternally grateful not only to your Grandparents but promised to assist the Le Genpenu family for generations to come. They were kind spirited and asked not for riches but for but friendship and support. They completed many dangerous missions for the Harpers and led diplomatic negotiations between the factions of Waterdeep bringing in a time of relative peace for the city.

This may not be known to you as I hear your Grandparents returned to their village and gave up adventuring to raise a family and live a quiet life.

But word has recently reached me that the blood of adventure runs in veins of another Le Genpenu, word has also reached me of a difficulties in your former village of Thundertrees. I hope the not only he fighting spirit remains in you but honour and quest for peaceable outcomes.

Please do write back to me regarding the troubles of your village. I may be able to provide you with assistance if you can let me know what is required. You can send word to me via the Lioncoster Sheilds in Phalandin

Your friend

Satya Harper (Elven Sheildmaiden)


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